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Many book publishers are looking to ebook publishing as a means of increasing their revenue streams by extending the range of formats in which they can sell existing and future publications. Electronic formats, often based on existing PDF source material, are of particular interest, as the ease of implementing such an offering coupled with very fast, low global distribution costs, make this an extremely attractive option. However, effective (fully secure) and economic solutions are few and far between. We believe that Drumlin and Javelin offers precisely the kind of solution small to medium size publishers have been looking for - on PCs, Macs and mobile devices like iPADs, iPhones and Android phones and tablets. Our own publications have been made available using this technology, alongside other formats - see our Publications page for more details

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How and why it works

  • Customers can be provided with fully secure PDF files on CD, via email or via Web download - via online shopping carts/ecommerce systems, standard web links or using a document or content management system
  • Usage restrictions may be applied to these files - no printing, or perhaps "print once with user-specific watermarking", no copying of text etc., expires on 31st Dec 2015 or maybe after 90 days etc
  • Customers are issued with authorization codes, one for each document, which can be single or multiple use
  • Reports on usage can be generated, tailored to customer's requirements, via our DRM service and Admin app for publishers
  • Online and offline book catalogs are supported. Online catalogs provide web-based book catalogs for ordering. Offline catalogs enable simple, fast delivery to mobile device users (iPADs, iPhones and Android devices).
  • Fully managed services are available, using our PDF Publishing websites - see ourManaged Servicespage for more details. A selection of managed service catalogs we provide can be viewed here
  • Hosted PDF solutions are available, using our web-based PDF file display within encrypted pages and optionally behind password protected directories or pages

The attraction of publishing in PDF format is that no file conversions are required and thus no loss of layout and formatting will result. For books that have little or no formatting, i.e. no frames, multiple columns, in-line graphics or pictures etc., then another/additional solution to consider is to use the ePUB and Kindle formats, delivering content to a wide audience who may use pocket ereader devices. This is not appropriate for books which have any amount of formatting, especially as converters from PDF to ePUB format produce very poor or useless results - extensive and costly manually re-formatting an editing can improve this, but is far from ideal. However, using the Drumlin approach the PDF format is retained and the books are simply encrypted, with the range of security features you require (e.g. no printing, no copying to another computer, expiry date etc.) and are then made available on your own ecommerce system for purchase by your customers. This avoids the need to use a third party, with all the restictions and loss of revenues this implies, as the only e-distribution channel. Using Drumlin's DRMZ format you can be your own ebook publisher, retaining all your sales income. The customer simply downloads a Javelin reader and the eBook or eBooks they have purchased, with cross platform (PC, Mac, iPAD, iPhone, Android) usage.

As Adrian Hunt, Director of Management Pocketbooks (https://www.pocketbook.co.uk/) explains:
"We have been in business for virtually 25 years. Delivering our content to customers electronically offers great opportunities. However, our future hinges on protecting our intellectual property and that means safeguarding our ebooks from illegal use. We researched extensively the options for securing our PDFs and found the Drumlin solution both affordable and effective. The icing on the cake has been the support we have received - nothing short of outstanding."

Please see oursample ebooksfor example PDF documents in Javelin secure form. For more details pleaseemail uswith your requirements.