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To download the latest version of the Drumlin PDF Reader/Publisher please use one of the following links (these arezipfiles). Note that a current version of Microsoft Windows or a Windows emulator (e.g. forMac or Linuxcomputers) is a pre-requisite. Extract and run the setup.exe program after downloading. The Version 6 beta edition is a pre-requisit for users wishing to create Drumlin Javelin "Click and Go" files.

All our software products have been checked to ensure they are virus free. Norton Antivirus users - if your antivirus software will not accept a download from us or deletes it/places it in quarantine, we are certain that this is a false positive. Please report this to Symantec as an error. To resolve this please either turn off the offending behaviour in Norton's software (Insight and/or SONAR) or recover the quarantined file from within Norton Antivirus, or use another antivirus product like AVG!

  • Drumlin (with Javelin) v6.0 32-bit version (previous release):Download
  • Drumlin (with Javelin) v6.0 64-bit version (previous release):Download

Documentation (PDF and Web)

The downloaded Drumlin kit zip files contain two files, setup.exe and a Microsoft Install file, .msi - extract these two files to a temporary directory and run setup.exe - you will be guided through the installation process. Installation creates a Drumlin Security directory and subdirectories occupying less than 10Mb of disk space. The Drumlin program itself is small and does not load any add-ins other than the Microsoft .NET2 framework. In almost all cases your PC will have .NET pre-installed as part of the original Operating System installation. To obtain the Microsoft .NET2 framework as a stand-alone kit, if required, please clickhere. To view the System Requirements for .NET2 please clickhere. If your .NET framework is somehow corrupted, there is a .NET framework repair tool that allows you to delete any, or all, framework versions. This (non Microsoft software tool) can be downloaded fromhere. If you have an error reported from the Microsoft install program, we suggest that you download and install the newest version of the installer suitable for your OS fromMicrosoft's website.

Please contact us by email if you have any questions and look at ourPDF-Publishingweb site for more information.

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