Enterprise edition


enterprise edition

Drumlin Enterprise Content Server edition

Enterprise Solutions provide a tailored version of our DRM software for use on your own servers, managed by us or installed by us on your own site and managed by your own team.

The Enterprise edition is a licensed offering, tailored to client requirements (i.e. bespoke). Typically 10-20 man days is budgeted for installation, tailoring and initial support activity, which is carried out by remote access from our development and support sites. Enterprise solutions include a range of Annual Support and Maintenance service options. The ECS edition is essentially the same set of database facilities, web services and client software as is used in the standard andCorporate/ProDrumlin internet service, so the latter may be used as a trial facility for any customer wishing to consider using the Enterprise edition.

The key differences between the public service and an in-house Enterprise service include:

  • the encryption key system is slightly different, so each customer's solution is unique to them
  • the SQL database that contains all the relevant details about publications and users is hosted separately
  • the web services that control the flow of data and much of the functionality of Drumlin, especially the Digital Rights Management (DRM) process, is also hosted separately
  • some of the program code for the service can be made available to the end user's programming team, thereby enabling them to integrate the Drumlin system with their own core systems, such as Content Management Systems
  • the client software (i.e. the Drumlin reader/publisher software and Javelin/JavelinPro reader) is modified and branded and a tailor-made version and kit is provided to match the customer's requirements
  • additional software tools and documentation are provided that help the management process for the service

The components of the ECS Edition include:

  • an empty SQLServer database to hold all the data tables and SQL scripts we use
  • a special version of the Drumlin client software (the reader/publisher software) including a customized installation and settings file, plus a customer specific security framework, so only that customer and their end users can encrypt and decrypt their specific PDF files
  • tailored versions of the Javelin and/or JavelinPro PDF readers, which are provided to end users for viewing secured documents on PCs, Macs, iPADs/iPhones and Android devices.
  • an in-network set of Web Service methods that provide the network communications and security facilities used for the service. This in-network facility is typically located on an independent dedicated server or servers. The preferred server location and provider can be chosen by the customer. Currently we operate using shared servers in the UK and USA. Servers must offer ASP.NET support
  • technical documentation, implementation services and ongoing support services. A copy of the current release of the Technical Manual is available on request for bona fide parties.

The ECS Edition can be delivered in a variety of configurations, monthly licensing and service arrangements - pleaseemail usfor more details and to discuss your requirements

Tailored/corporate services

The Drumlin central DRM facility and the Drumlin and Javelin PDF software incorporate many additional facilities not described in detail on these web pages. These include: the ability to operate a private (user-group specific) service based on designated private servers (Enterprise edition); central storage of encrypted documents; secure (doubly encrypted) distribution of centrally stored documents; user-specific document authorization; usage tracking and analysis; an administrative client for managing files and users; reporting (from the SQLServer database); Drumlin and Javelin/JavelinPro client software tailoring (e.g. functionality and/or white labelling). Please see theTailoring pageor pleaseemail usfor more details