Sample online viewable secure PDF documents


Managed Online PDF Security Services

Document owners can now publish their PDF documents on the web, as secured files which we make available via our web-browser based viewers. Examples are illustrated in the samples below. Page display can be single page with continuous scrolling, two page or flipbook style - the latter is ideal for Catalogs and Magazines. Files displayed can include a range of security features, including access control and on-screen static and dynamic watermarks, and typically are set so that downloading and printing and content copying are disabled. For more details, including questions of pricing, implementation, and service management, please see further down this web page.

Try our brand new self-service web-browser PDF to HTML5 security service here

The files available via the links below are displayed within your web browser with no extra software required. The online PDF viewers can be configured in a number of ways but in most of the examples disables printing, copying and downloading. Additional security facilities are available for publishers requiring restricted access with username/password control to "Private documents" or where "Paid for access" is requested (e.g. access to ebooks, magazines, subscription newsletters etc) - see further the section on Access Control below. On-screen personalized watermarking can also be added if required. Text searching is available using the standard text search facility within all modern web browsers (available via their menus, on-screen or via Ctrl+f or Command+f), or via augmented text search engines. Fast document navigation using a Contents/Outline tree and/or mini-pages is provided as standard if included in the source PDF.

Sample Online PDFs on our service - HTML5 - no printing, copying or downloading

Advanced Coaching Pocketbook PDF (open access) Guardian Newspaper PDF (open access)
Advanced Coaching Guardian Newspaper
© Pocketbooks Ltd: Continuous page scrolling format, with outlines, thumbnails, text search and extra menu bar items Simple continuous scrolling format
Powerpoint presentation PDF - Slide display format (open access) Product Catalog - Magazine/flipbook format (open access)
BigData presentation Weber BBQs product catalog
Slide mode display with simple navigation Catalog or Magazine format 2-page display with flip transition, starting at page 4/5

Hosting on our site or embedded on your site

We convert and host the secured files for you. Alternatively you can use an iframe on your website to embed the file on your own site, so as far as you users are concerned it is locally displayed on your site. An example is shownhere where a document appears to be on our website but is actually on the website.

Online Service and Pricing

With an online service users are (typically) registered on a central database on our server and login or are auto-logged into the service to access the PDF documents you wish to allow them to view. These PDF documents are displayed within a web browser using HTML5, so no plug-ins or extra software is required. You can either ask us to enable/remove users and/or access to specific documents, or with larger scale requirements, we set up your own dedicated access to the user management facility, so you can enable/disable access as required. Access is also tracked on the server so we can tell who accessed the document, when, at what time and from what IPaddress. Documents can include user-specific on-screen dynamic watermarking, providing an extra level of protection against screen shots, for example. Copying of text, printing and downloading are all disabled as standard.

Pricing: for this service, with a small number of users (e.g. 100 or so), costs would be from $50/month (includes first converted and hosted document) for the service provision and $20/document/month for additional PDF files converted and loaded (we do this and set up the security framework for each document). Alternatively for a single file with up to 10 separate user access accounts and/or autologin session-based security a fee of $250 per annum will apply. Our subscription services include setting up the look and feel/branding you may want, special menus, user groups etc – i.e. this is a tailored service designed to match your specific requirements. Larger scale requirements, handling 1000s of users and 100s of documents can be provided, with the main difference being in the monthly or annual service costs, which would be quoted individually depending on the scale and requirements specified.

Access control with Javelin/Sitelok

As noted above, access control to selected documents can be provided via username/password entry or can be made available without login but with basic security controls (e.g. no printing, no downloading, no copying of text). Users can be pre-registered and passwords issued by the publisher to their own customers, or users can be allowed to self-register. After entering their username and password they would then have access to the document or documents for which access permission has been granted. Document date/time control is then enabled by enabling/removing the document entries for that group, whilst individual user access control is managed by enabling/disabling their login permission. Self-registered Guest access is also available as an option.

The three screenshots below show some of the Javelin/Sitelok web-based administration facilities for publishers who wish to manage their own user registrations for access control. This is a session-based security facility, with many selectable options. They three screens show (i) the main Dashboard and fnction menus, with details of registered users; (ii) the Add User facility, where users can be manually registered one at a time - importing of username/password lists and other user-related data is supported for fast loading of large userlists; and (iii) a screen showing some of the log file details that are collected - log data can be viewed and exported for separate analysis. More details about Javelin/Sitelok are available on request.


This is a 'bespoke' service, tailored to individual customer's requirements - please contact us for more details, describing your requirements in as much detail as possible.