Cost effective high quality Document Security

Our software and services protect Document files using encryption so that they are secured against onward distribution, content copying and unauthorized printing. Access to secured files is supported by date controls, advanced watermarking and sophisticated tracking, all provided at a highly competitive price with great customer service and support for Windows, Mac OSX, Android and iOS. Contact us for more details.

Offline services

Use our free Drumlin Publisher software to create, distribute and/or sell strongly encrypted PDFs protected with our cloud-based Digital Rights Management (DRM) services. Secured PDF documents are read using our free Javelin PDF reader software for Windows, OSX, iOS and Android - no Adobe reader required. Our secure Javelin PDF readers provide fast display, text search, plus markup and annotation features. Our PDF and ePUB services enable you to securely distribute books, technical manuals, training courseware, newsletters, market research reports and more.

Online services

Use our automated website services to provide PDF conversion to secured HTML5 for display using a modern web browser. Our HTML5 PDF Viewer provides protection against printing, copying or downloading, plus user access control, service management, technical support and more. MS-Office documents can be converted to encrypted HTML5 files for online protection. All with great customer service and support for all operating systems and technology platforms. Our online services enable you to securely distribute books, technical manuals, training courseware, newsletters, market research reports and more.


Sell and distribute books and courseware for instant display on desktop, laptop, tablet or phone devices

Student using our PDF Security software

Technical manuals

Provide secured training and procedures manuals to engineering and operations staff

Engineers using our PDF Security software

Private documents

Manage access to confidential documents, for legal, financial, contractual or research use

Researcher using our PDF Security software


"Drumlin Security are very easy to work with, provide a terrific product and are quick to respond to questions. I highly recommend their services!" Don LaSota, LaSota Racing, USA
"I was talking with a former VP of digital strategies for a multi-$billion publisher over the weekend. I was very glad to be able to brag about my multi-platform, high res, quick to market, cost effective digital solution! It never ceases to amaze me how corporations can find ways to make things 1000x more complicated and expensive than they need to be. I'm really glad to have found Drumlin several years ago when we first started out ... you have saved us boat loads of money!" Jeff Lindblade, Managing Partner, Naper Publishing ... more testimonials.

Features summary

Create secure PDF (encrypt PDF); PDF DRM service (Digital Rights Management); Copy protection (disable copy paste); Download protection; Forwarding protection; "Save as" protection; Document Expiry (specified date or days to view); Number of Views control; Dynamic watermarking (cannot remove watermark from PDF); Secure Printing option (offline service); Document markup (highlighting) and Annotation (offline service); User Access Management (online service); File management (online service); Personalization options; Document Activity tracking; Windows, OSX, Android and iOS support; Automated e-commerce option; HTML5 encryption (online service); Branding/White Labelling options; a range of ePUB options - see our ePUB page for more details.

for Publishers, Training Organizations, Universities, Schools, Airlines and more

Our PDF copyright protection services are used by clients throughout the world, including: Argentina, Austria, Australia, Belgium, Botswana, Brazil, Bulgaria, Canada, China, Denmark, Ecuador, Eire, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hong Kong, Hungary, India, Israel, Italy, Kazakstan, Kenya, Korea, Latvia, Malaysia, Malta, Marshall Islands, Netherlands, Philippines, Portugal, Russia, South Africa, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Spain, Switzerland, Taiwan, Thailand, UK, USA, Vietnam, Zimbabwe and more.

and sectors: Book Publishing, Newsletters, Newspapers, Medical Education, Management Training, Flight Training, Car Tuning, IT Courseware, Schools Courseware, Market Research reports, Investor Research, Aircraft Engineering and Maintenance Training, Pipeline Installation and Maintenance Training, Language Training, Marine Engineering, Legal documents, Catalogs, Contracts, Bioengineering, and many more.