Please follow these instructions to install the Javelin3 for Android app on your Android phone or tablet. Javelin3 is the preferred choice for all recent versions of Android. Note: You can also use this procedure for Amazon Kindle Fire devices and similar "special/non-standard" Android variants and devices (e.g. Chromebooks with Android support) - this "should" work OK but no guarantees! You can also try using the AppStore version, "Javelin3 PDF reader", if you have AppStore access on your device.

1 Confirm Your Device Allows Direct Installation of the Javelin3/Javelin readers

Open Settings and navigate to Unknown sources option (this can be found under Lock screen and Security, or Applications or Security depending on your device and Android version - see image below for an example)

Android settings

If Unknown sources is already checked/ON, you can skip this step.

If unchecked, tap the checkbox and then tap OK on the confirmation popup or set or the option button to ON.

2 Download the Javelin3 reader from the link below

From your Android phone or tablet visit (Android 5 to 9): to download the current Javelin3 for Android program

From your Android phone or tablet visit (Android 7 or less - if necessary): to download the old Javelin for Android program

3 Install the reader

When the download is complete, if it has been downloaded from your Android device, open your notifications or your Downloads folder and tap Javelin3.apk (or Javelin.apk) as appropriate. Then:

  • Tap Install
  • Tap Open
  • That’s it!