Corporate/Pro edition


Corporate/Pro edition

ProCorporate/Pro Solutions - secure PDF distribution solutions specifically designed for Corporates with online or offline permissioning

The Corporate/Pro software and service is a licensed offering, tailored to client requirements (i.e. bespoke). Unlike the standard edition, the Corporate/Pro option provides support for both authorization codes and license-based document authorization, with no requirement for online connection. This means that corporate customers, including secure sites, can be enabled to view documents without requiring the end user to do anything other than open the document in the Javelin3Pro or JavelinPro PDF reader. Currently this is a solution and service specifically designed for corporate customers, with end users having MS Windows-based computers and/or Mac OSX computers running Windows under Parallels virtualization alongside OSX. Javelin3Pro can also be installed on a central server and then accessed via Remote Desktop or Citrix and similar hosted desktop environments.

The Corporate/Pro edition allows for: (i) user registration – online or offline; (ii) offline authorization as well as online authorization; (iii) automatic "phone home" functionality in a background thread; (iv) ability to disable a document access on a per user basis (relies on the phone home operation); (v) ability to disable a user (relies on the phone home operation); (vi) additional functionality in AdminApp and DrumlinPublisher enabled for Corporate/Pro users in order to administer the above features; (vii) optional "Customer Service Desk (CSD)" version of AdminApp for CSD users; (ix) customized reporting and optional branding of Javelin3 or Javelin3Pro readers and install kits; (x) date of expiry override – licenses can specify start/end dates and "days to view" which take precedence over the DRM’d file entries.

The Corporate/Pro edition is usually provided as a specific Corporate solution requirement, but as explained on the pricing page for the Corporate/Pro option substantial discounts are available for small projects, especially where the main service usage is the standard edition.

The standard process flow details are provided in the two diagrams below. The upper diagram shows creation of the secure files using Drumlin in the usual manner. The secure files are sent to the end users, together with a license file for each document they are permitted to view. The license file is specific to the target device and document, so cannot be used for any other document on that device or by any other device. The lower diagram shows how this is achieved. The target device is "registered" on our DRM server, either by the end user registering Javelin3Pro or JavelinPro when they first run it, or via central IT Services creating a suitable registration file and database record for them. Once registered an end user device can be issued with licenses, permitting them to view the specified document(s), with start and end date controls, and enable/disable control. APIs will be available to support centralized automation of many elements of this process. Currently a special ServiceProxy facility is available as a tailored solution providing automation of functions such as Javelin3Pro registration; License file creation; Backup license file creation; Details of licenses issued, etc.

Pro edition

The key features of the Pro software and service include:

The Pro Edition can be delivered in a variety of configurations, monthly licensing, annual licensing and tailored service arrangements - pleasecontact usfor more details and to discuss your requirements

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