The Video below shows the use of our free DrumlinPublisher software to create a secured version of a PDF called userguide.pdf - DrumlinPublisher is used to create a secure PDFs with permissions settings such as "no printing", "expires after 30 days", "can be viewed 5 times only" etc. Typically the files that are created using DrumlinPublisher will be saved in our special format .DRMZ, so in this example the file userguide.drmz will be created. Files in this special format are readable on PCs, Macs, iPADs, iPhones and Android devices using our free Javelin PDF reader software. Before a user can read the file, however, they must enter a valid authorization code for that specific document. If the code is valid and not already used the document will be enabled for that specific device. Code creation and usage tracking is included within the Drumlin Publisher software.

Now please view Video 2, which shows the end user experience (on a PC with the Javelin3 for Windows software)

video demo 2. Authorizing and viewing secured PDF files: Javelin3 for Windows

video demo Video Demos Page