To download the free Drumlin Publisher software (illustrated below) please use the link shown. Note that a current version of Microsoft Windows or a Windows emulator (e.g. using Parellels for Mac computers) is a pre-requisite for the the software below (required in order to create secured PDFs and managing their usage, but not required for reading them - use Javelin for the end user reader in most instances). Please see the PRIVACY statement on the About page before using these software products

Please see the Javelin downloads page for Javelin PDF reader software downloads

Operating SystemDownload LinksVersionNotes
Windows 7, 8,10DrumlinPublisher1.060For 256-bit encrypted file generation (plus creation of codes, licenses and tracking)
Windows 7, 8,10AdminApp0.061Optional (largely replaced by DrumlinPublisher): For creation of codes, licenses and tracking