Offline (downloadable) ebooks and subscription publications

Sales of ebooks and other publications in our secured PDF formats are similar in many ways to sales of physical goods. Examples from a range of our Publishers can be viewed here

Customers will need to know what to do in order to read your secured PDF. Typically, after they place an order, you will send them an email, with simple instructions, possibly linked to a web page. In most cases the sales order email will include an authorization code for them to use. Example email templates and linked guidance for all the main supported operating systems is available on request.

Your customer now has the software installed and registered, your secure PDF file downloaded and saved, and an authorization code from you for that document. You can provide this by manually generated email or automatically via your online service (e.g. using your own shopping cart system or a PHP product like Linklok from Vibralogix), or via a commercial service such as Fetchapp, Getdpd, SendOwl, PayLoadz or SoftSeller, often with our advice, assistance and optional hosting of secured files and catalogs. For Woocommerce users the license manager plugin can be used - see: Woocommerce License Manager

The end customer opens the file they have ordered using one of our Javelin3 PDF readers and enters the authorization code they have been given when prompted. The code is checked centrally to ensure it matches the documentID and is a valid and unused/available code, and if so, exchanges information with the end user's PC/Mac/iOS or Android device to enable the file to be viewed. Note that authorization codes are simply look-up codes, and do not have any encryption/decryption function. Special facilities exist in our software to help bypass firewalled sites (particularly for PC users) and for the creation of secured files that do not require online authorization - do ask us for advice on these options.

Once authorized, a file will not generally require re-authorization online unless the user's device has to be re-built or replaced with a new device, or the file expires based on the settings created by the publisher for that file.

Subscription publications can be handled via the use of date expiry and/or by issuing daily, weekly or monthly publications with a consistent documentID each issue - see our offline subscriptions page for more details

Online (web-based) catalogs, reference manuals and subscription publications

Sales and delivery of ebooks, courseware and subscriptions to publications can be made using our online PDF security services. The automated Webdoxx PDF2HTML5 site provides all the facilities required for uploading files and automated conversion of these to our special HTML5 format.

As with the offline services, the customer places an order and receives an email from your E-commerce system acknowledging the order. For online services you then provide them with details of how to access the material and the access control details you set up for them (e.g. a unique username/password). Access for large groups, e.g. hospitals, colleges, government departments, can be made via IPAddress control as an alternative to individual username/password access.

The files can be made available without access controls (i.e. public access) or with access controls (via username/password access control, with a range of special facilities for more complex access control requirements). Users can be enabled for access to specific documents and not to others, and can be enabled/disabled instantly and/or on a specified date basis.

This makes sales and subscription arrangements very simple to setup. And there is no software to install and no files for the user to download - they simply access the relevant documents based on the security controls you have specified. For more details, please see our Webdoxx PDF2HTML5 site.