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Engineering and technical manuals

Many manufacturers of complex equipment or products need to provide technical manuals, training materials and a range of other information to their salesforce, field engineering teams, contractors and customers. These are often highly sensitive documents and it is important they do not fall into the wrong hands. Drumlin has been used by a number of major engineering firms specifically to deal with this issue in an extremely cost-effective manner. An example is in heavy equipment vehicle maintenance, where 1000s of technical manuals and drawings are secured using the Drumlin DRM anduserlistfacility, and made available to engineers in the field without worrying the files might be 'lost' to competitors.

Case study: Dickson Testing Company, Inc., California USA
"Here at Dickson Testing we specialize in metal testing where our resources and privacy is invaluable to our company. Our digital files naturally increased with the daily growing technology, but so did our vulnerability. This is where Drumlin comes in. Everything and everyone was considered when we were choosing a PDF solution. What stood out about Drumlin from the rest were the positive individual consumer blogs and forums written about using Drumlin. Drumlin offers the standard in PDF security - it is simple to use and powerful. Other products focused on getting our dollars per files or licenses but not Drumlin. With the great help of their staff, Drumlin focuses on our simple requirements and catering Drumlin to our use. Overall the Drumlin experience has been excellent. Many thanks again!" Hoi Chan, Dickson Testing Company: Quality Engineer

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Engineering and technical

Drumlin enables very large numbers of secured PDFs (e.g. 100s or 1000s) to be created automatically, with a full set of security facilities applied - not simply strong encryption of the documents, but also date expiry, user-specific watermarking of any printout permitted, prevention of various forms of copying and similar controls.

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