Encryption256bit Rijndael and proprietary 256-bit PDF file encryption with encapsulation with single or split key operation. All data exchange carried out over https secure protocol
Content copyingAlways disabled (i.e. no copy/paste is permitted) for secure (encrypted) PDF files, enabled for standard PDFs
ForwardingForwarded secure files cannot be read by other users (authorized files are not decrypted when use on a device is authorized) - secured files remain encrypted
Save AsNo "save as" functionality - secured files cannot be saved to a different format
PrintingPrinting only allowed for desktop/laptop devices, and only if permitted by the publisher. Control includes number of print copies and number of pages (in total). Printing to non-physical devices not permitted
Date expiryFiles may have an explicit (hard) expiry date, for example 31st Dec 2023 or implicit (soft) expiry date of "days from first viewing", e.g. 90 days. Soft expiry values can be reset to permit a further period of the same duration if required.
Dynamic watermarking/Screen capture protectionExtensive range of dynamic watermarking facilities, for both screen and print views. Content of dynamic watermarks can include static text plus dynamic variables such as device details, date and time, filename, authorization code used and user details. For print versions positioning, transparency, color, font size etc. can be specified. Recommended to protect against hardware-based screen grabbing (screen capture program protection is optional for Windows-and MacOS-based target devices; always set for Android devices, and a subset of such facilities provided for iOS devices)
PersonalizationA special automated facility to enable a single secured file to be personalized for a list of individuals, with personalized dynamic watermarking (not removable) and unique file naming
TrackingExtensive tracking and reporting of activities, including user authorizations, "Pro" registrations, open and print events, unauthorized access attempts etc. - all available to publishers via the free DrumlinPublisher software
EnablingAccess (permission to view) to secured files provided via use of authorization codes and license files (the latter for selected "Pro" versions only)
DisablingA range of facilities provided for disabling access to files and tracking of this process (centrally initiated and/or user initiated)
AccessibilitySupport for extensive size zooming and text-to-speech synthesis (Read-Aloud) for standard PDFs and secured (encrypted) PDFs
eCommerceA range of facilities are available for eCommerce working - please see our eCommerce page for more details
OS supportMS Windows (including touch screen versions), Apple MacOS (OSX and Catalina), iOS (iPhone/iPAD), Android, plus other OS via virtualization (e.g. Parallels) or Android support (e.g. Chromebooks)
Pre-authorizationSecured (drmz) files may be "pre-authorized" to enable files to be distributed for use without additional authorization or license files being required (i.e. without separate DRM)
User specific accessUnique codes and/or license files enable user-specific access to individual files, i.e. in addition to separately controlled file access
ViewsNumber of times a document can be viewed (specific number or 'unlimited')
MarkupAll our offline PDF readers (current versions) support markup (highlighting, underlining, strike-through)
AnnotationAll our offline PDF readers (current versions) support annotation (addition of notes to pages in the text)
Display modesAll our offline PDF readers (current versions) support multiple display modes, varying by operating system version - typically these include single and multiple page modes, with or without scrolling (vertical, horizontal)
NavigationAll our offline PDF readers (current versions) support a complete range of document navigation adds, including: page selection, page scrolling, multi-level contents/outline/bookmarks trees, in-context (history) navigation (as per web browsers), text search, page bookmarking etc.
SearchAll our offline PDF readers (current versions) support fast text search (for text strings) with hits highlighted in lists and in the text itself
Branding/White labellingSelected Javelin3 readers can be provided as bespoke apps or "branded" - standard facilities are provided to enable this for MS Windows
Web invocationSelected Javelin3 readers (Android and iOS versions) can be invoked from a web page with automated document and catalog delivery (so-called deep linking)
CatalogsPowerful downloadable document catalog facilities, supporting auto-download of details of secured and standard PDF files, with metadata and cover images. Multi-level catalogs provide for large and complex document inventories, with no need for end users to manually download or locate files
Corporate networkingCorporate users with MS Windows PCs can bypass strong network security in order to authorize their secured files and/or register "Pro" versions of the Javelin3 readers using a range of options and facilities, including web-page-based registration and authorization and document/user-specific license files
Backup/RestoreFor MS Windows system a special backup/restore facility is provided to enable a downloaded file plus its annotations (stored in the usually hidden AppData folder) to be backed up and optionally restored.
Service management and reportingPowerful free offline software for creating secure files, setting their permissions (single files, multiple files, bulk operations, folder-based operation) plus code creation and management, document summaries, activity tracking and reporting, personalization and more. Most facilities are provided via the DrumlinPublisher software.
Online document security servicesProvided via our separate WEBDOXX web-based services - for details and features see our WEBDOXX website