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Financial and Legal Documents

financial documents

It is important that sensitive financial and legal documents cannot be copied, altered or fall into the wrong hands. Drumlin can deal with this issue in an extremely simple and cost-effective manner. There are several options that provide an easy way to manage materials and documents so that they cannot be onward distributed. These include downloadable files that are protected and hosted files that can be viewed in any browser (so ideal for corporate clients). In addition to our standard service options there are also Online and Corporate/Pro edition options, which are specifically designed to meet the requirements of medium-large corporates, government agencies and similar bodies, where the security requirements are more demanding and wide-area networking is more tightly controlled.

  • PDF files can be created from Word documents, Excel spreadsheets and many other formats, and these may then be secured using the standard Drumlin PDF reader/publisher facilities and/or our web-hosted solutions
  • Clients, suppliers, staff and others can be provided with a set of fully secure PDF files in Drumlin's EXE or DRMX or DRMZ format on CD, via email or via Web download - via standard web links or using a document or content management system
  • Usage restrictions may be applied to these files - no printing, or perhaps "print once with user-specific watermarking", no copying of text etc., expires on 31st Dec 2015 etc
  • End users are issued with authorization codes, one for each document, so their access to the files and their usage can be tracked centrally
  • Reports on usage can be generated, tailored to customer's requirements, via our DRM service. Alternatively anEnterprise solutionmay be preferred, with the DRM service hosted on the client's own servers
  • Hosted solutions are available, using our web-based PDF file display within encrypted pages and optionally behind password protected directories or pages

Drumlin enables very large numbers of secured PDFs (e.g. 100s or 1000s) to be created automatically, with a full set of security facilities applied - not simply strong encryption of the documents, but also date expiry, user-specific watermarking of any printout permitted, prevention of various forms of copying and similar controls. Secured PDFs are given the additional extensions .DRM, .DRMX or .DRMZ depending on how they are generated, or can be wrapped into a simple "Click and Go" executable (EXE) file for Windows users.

Document markup (highlighting and annotation) is provided in the iPAD/iPhone and Android reader apps

For more details pleaseemail uswith your requirements