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Javelin for Windows - New Edition (Javelin3)

We have recently developed a completely new edition of Javelin for Windows, with many improvements over the current release which is now showing its age. Documentation for Javelin3 and Javelin3Pro as a PDF file is available here. Please see theJavelin Downloadspage for download information. The main new/improved features are illustrated in the screenshots below, and include:

  • Page display options - page-based, continuous page scrolling in horizontal or vertical mode, multi-page display with scrolling
  • Fast/instant zooming, even with large page sizes
  • Text based highlighting (markup) - see green selected text in screenshot 1 below
  • Very fast text searching with highlighting
  • Annotation - as per other versions of Javelin
  • Forms data handling, with saved data - see screenshot 2, below
  • Dynamic watermarking on active window for secured files (see screenshot 1)
  • Toolbars that can be hidden (see screenshot 3)
  • Improved print handling with auto-scaling of pages and selectable print resolution
  • Enhanced tracking and activity logging (local and server based, file open and print events logged)
  • Quick access to recently used files
  • Drag and drop support for PDF and drmx/drmz files from Windows Explorer
  • Presentation mode display

Sample screen shots

Javelin New 1

Javelin New 2

Javelin New 3

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