Javelin3 for Mac - INSTALLATION HELP

Videos providing help for Mac users downloading files when running Javelin3 are also available - see videos 8 and 9 here

Installing: Javelin3 is an application provided by an Apple approved developer, Drumlin Security. If you have a warning message from Apple regarding the app security then check your SETTINGS facility (the cogwheel icon in the screenshot below):

JM3 status bar

and select the "Security and Privacy" facility, General tab, and you will see you can allow apps downloaded from: "Appstore and identified developers" - so that should solve the problem. Unlock the facility to set the option and then lock it again to save and exit from this facility (on some versions of macOS the display will look slightly different from this example):

JM3 security settings

When Javelin3 for Mac is run an icon for the program will appear at the bottom of the Mac window and a menu of functions at the top left of your screen. If the menu is not visible click on the program icon at the bottom of the screen and the menu should then appear at the top left. Note that for security reasons the Mac "Terminal" app should not be running when Javelin3 is used.

The Javelin3 menu bar, File menu, will include an entry marked CATALOGS for most recent versions of macOS (10.12.4 onward) - if there is no CATALOG entry, as is the case for older macOS versions, drmz files must be downloaded directly via the built-in Download facility or via Safari or other file transfer facilities.


Documentation: Help documentation is available online here

Common issues (e.g. printing, network problems, terminal app etc. - please see the Help on common issues page. NOTE: If the Mac has a Terminal app session running then Javelin3 will close with a warning message, as a security measure. The solution is simply to close the terminal session on the Mac and it will allow Javelin3 to run. For more details please see the : Apple Mac TERMINAL support page on this issue