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Brighter Minds

Brighter Minds is an innovative education-sector publisher based in Dublin, Ireland. They have developed, distribute and support a market-leading suite of integrated books, ebooks, videos, quizzes, posters, class tests and projects for students in Irish secondary schools and Colleges of Further Education. The subject area is primarily the Junior Cycle Engineering program and Leaving Certificate Engineering program

In order to offer their digital resources in a highly efficient and cost-effective manner to teachers, students and parents, Brighter Minds have employed our Webdoxx secure online PDF publishing platform. This service provides fast, accurate and secure display of all of their content, combined with a range of user access controls and activity tracking. Furthermore, the service now supports students with additional learning needs such as dyslexia and visually-impairment. It does this by providing special versions of the publications to facilitate the use of modern browser-based read-aloud facilities and specialist screen reader software such as NVDA (non-visual desktop access)

Brighter Minds Co-founder, Paul Enright, commenting on their experience using the service, says "the Webdoxx service has enabled us to develop and integrate a secure and accessible ebook and digital content platform into our website in a timely and cost-effective manner. The team at Drumlin Security have been exemplary in their responsiveness, knowledge, flexibility and level of support, and we look forward to working with them for many years to come."

For more details and a variety of similar examples please see our main Webdoxx services page or contact us to discuss your next project