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Web-based document publishing services

This Newsletter focuses on free and low-cost web-based document display and distribution - we hope that publishers and end users will find the information of interest. Software and Service updates and news are provided at the end of this Newsletter

Online publishing of books, magazines, newsletters and training resource materials should be simple, give high-quality results, and be cost-effective, scalable and secure. Most online publishing services provide a subset of this mix of features. For highly graphical publications, like Magazines, flip-book systems are available from many providers and are excellent at what they deliver for "public" consumption - one of the leaders in this field is ISSUU (illustrated below), but there are many to choose from together with a number of software providers for your own hosted services of this type. This approach is ideal for marketing publications, catalogs and magazines - great to look at and scan, but not really suitable for reading lots of text or viewing detailed diagrams or tables. And they are also not really suitable for longer or more complex documents, such as reference materials and most non-fiction books and technical manuals.


There are also many other services that do address reading books, articles and newspapers online, again mainly targeted at consumers rather than in-house users and private groups. Examples include Readly and Scribd, and the many direct publisher-to-consumer websites (e.g. major news organization sites). Typically news services use standard HTML5 web pages, dynamically or statically generated, rather than a separate viewer for online access, with separate apps for offline viewing.

Webdoxx secure publishing services are somewhat different in that they ensure the format of the source documents are retained, whilst providing the highest quality and ease of display for reading online. Both automated and bespoke (managed) services are available, with free and subscription service options. This applies for PDF files, Office and other documents that can be exported to PDF format, and a number of other formats including interactive PowerPoint and ePUB.

A wide range of security features are included as standard in Webdoxx, with most publishers typically opting for "private" access to their materials. Publishers typically aim their documents, books and journals at very specific groups of users, for example: schools and colleges, hospital staff, engineers, government departments; but others offer access for wider groups, such as Union members, Public interest groups, travellers and in some cases, specific groups of consumers. Typically the source documents are in PDF format, and for these Webdoxx provides the full range of document navigation, hypertext links and text searching to augment the reading experience. Additional enhancements are available to assist younger readers and those with accessibility problems, including those with limited or complete sight loss.

Flipbook-type two-page display formats are available for documents that benefit this kind of layout - for example magazines, catalogues and some children's books and graphic novels. However, for most other documents vertical scrolling is the recommended method of display. Click on the screen image below to see an example of this in action


For more details and a variety of similar examples please see our main Webdoxx services page or contact us to discuss your next project

Software and services updates

    • Javelin3 for Windows 3.1.028: Enhanced print functionality; Enhanced security and license file handling for "Pro" version
    • Javelin3 for Android 3.00.90: Improved robustness with very large files; improved handling of files downloaded to the default Android Downloads folder
    • Javelin3 for macOS 3.05.27: Enhanced handling of screen capture issues; server logging load and print events for macOS users as per Windows users
    • DrumlinPublisher 1.0.113: Enhanced support for License file creation for Corporates (used in association with Javelin3Pro); Documentation on command line handling updated and Powershell example now available
    • Hosting: Direct hosting of selected publisher's files moved from drmz.net to drumlinsecurity.com
    • Service Status (offline and online): now available via the Help menu and Help page: https://www.drumlinsecurity.com/help.php and directly here: https://status.drumlinsecurity.com