1. Send us your document (PDF, ePUB or Word etc) via email, Dropbox, WeTransfer or similar service
  2. We convert your file to our secure PDF format and send you a copy to test and evaluate
  3. You place an order for authorization codes below (1 code per document sent/sold to an end user - can be for multiple devices for that user)
  4. We send you the codes and instructions for your users
You are then ready to distribute/sell your publication to your customers, through your website or with our optional E-commerce service (setup details here) - there are no extra costs and you receive 100% of your selling price.

Payment for services can be by PayPal account, PayPal or Worldpay card payment, or Bank Transfer

Self-Publisher DRM Service description - Service Options for Single PublicationsSubscribe

Self-Publisher Edition: up to 300 codes p.a.| $300/year ($1 per individual receiving a secure document)

Self-Publisher Edition: up to 1200 codes p.a.| $600/year ($0.50 per individual receiving a secure document)

Self-Publisher Edition: up to 3000 codes p.a.| $1000/year ($0.33 per individual receiving a secure document)

This page is designed for Self-Publishers with a single Book or Document to publish and sell. Publishers with multiple documents can select multiple subscriptions from the options below, or opt for one of our standard multi-document subscription services or our one-time bundle options. We provide free hosting for your secure files. Each option level is described in outline below, but please contact us for more details if you are uncertain as to which option is most appropriate for your requirements or if you require a fully 'managed service' including e-commerce support.

IMPORTANT NOTES: Subscription service include: provision of authorization codes for secure documents; code re-setting; technical support and advice service. When calculating the number of codes you require, estimate this as the number of documents times the number of separate users for each document. Multiple use codes (e.g. 2x, 3x usage) can be counted as a single code if for a specific individual, otherwise should be counted as multiple codes (e.g. where codes can be set to 30x usage etc. and/or reset). Where a customer opts to cancel a subscription service their allocation of "paid for" codes at that point will be computed and any additional codes issued or generated at that point in time will be reset to zero (i.e. will no longer be available for use). Where subscriptions are renewed on an annual basis at the same service level, any unused quota of codes or licenses are carried forward into the quota for the following period. Please also see the About page for more details and terms and conditions of usage. Non-renewal of subscription services will result in service management facilities and code generation being disabled (please see the bundle pack options for multi-year service arrangements without subscriptions). These options do not include development resources (other than initial 'getting started' help) so if additional assistance is required to establish your e-store facility then you may need to order some consultancy resource, based on the information we will provide by individual quotation. Customers who prefer payment via standard Card payment or by Bank Transfer rather than PayPal should contact us for details of how to arrange this.