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GA: Geospatial Analysis - 7th edition, 2024 - Immediate download. 600 pages, 37Mbytes - Click here for a 60 page PDF preview

  • Geospatial analysis concepts
  • Core components of geospatial analysis, including distance and directional analysis, geometrical processing, map algebra, and grid models
  • Exploratory Spatial Data Analysis (ESDA) and spatial statistics, including spatial autocorrelation and spatial regression
  • Surface analysis, including surface form and flow analysis, gridding and interpolation methods, and visibility analysis
  • Network and locational analysis, including shortest path calculation, travelling salesman problems, facility location and arc routing
  • Geocomputational methods, including agent-based modelling, artifical neural networks and evolutionary computing
  • Big Data, AI and Geospatial Analysis

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Printable version special PDF - 7th edition 2024: GBP £29.95 (ex VAT)

Bundle pack - standard version (non-printable) special PDF of all four titles (GAv6,SA,TNZ,UM): GBP £49.95 (ex VAT)

SA: Statistical Analysis - 2nd edition, 2024 update - Immediate download. 633 pages, 11Mbytes - Click here for a PDF preview (100 page PDF)

  • Statistical data, Statistical concepts, Descriptive statistics
  • Key functions and expressions, Data transformation and standardization
  • Data exploration, Randomness and randomization
  • Correlation and autocorrelation, Estimation and estimators
  • Classical tests, Contingency tables
  • Design of experiments
  • Analysis of variance and covariance
  • Regression and smoothing
  • Time series analysis and temporal autocorrelation
  • Resources (Distribution tables, R code snippets, Statistical software etc)

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Printable version special PDF: GBP £29.95 (ex VAT)

Bundle pack - standard version special PDF of all four titles (GAv6,SA,TNZ,UM): GBP £49.95 (ex VAT)

TNZ: Towards Net Zero: (Feb 2022 updated version) - Immediate download. 240 pages, 9Mbytes - Click here for a PDF preview (first 30 pages)

This book examines the past, present and future of two of the major contributors to energy consumption and global greenhouse gas emissions: transport and the built environment. The text has been arranged into two distinct but closely related "Books", each of which is preceded by Timeline diagrams: Book One is sub-titled "A Geospatial and Historical Perspective: How Did We Get Here?". This first Book provides a review and commentary on the history of selected major innovations in transport and the built environment. As such it sets the scene for Book Two, which focuses on the resource usage and environmental impact of these two sectors. Book Two is sub-titled "An Economic and Environmental Perspective: Where are We Heading?". This second Book focuses on recent technological developments, possible solutions to some of the key environmental issues, and their likely impact over the coming decades.

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Bundle pack - standard version (non-printable) special PDF of all four titles (GA,SA,TNZ,UM): GBP £49.95 (ex VAT)

UM: Understanding Mathematics in the Digital Age (2018) - Immediate download. 220 pages, 11Mbytes - Click here for a PDF preview (first 30 pages)

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This book provides a new and highly approachable introduction to mathematics in the digital age. Numerous practical case studies are provided, from CD data recording to population modeling, with clear explanations and worked examples using widely available personal computer tools. These tools include spreadsheets such as Excel and modern mathematical software packages such as MATLab and Maple.

  • Part I of the book introduces the topic and its intended audience. Parts II to IV are the main sections of the book.
  • Part II provides foundation materials explaining the origins of our system of numbers and the notation used in mathematics. It then explores a number of familiar topics including the determination of times and distances, the structure of sound waves, the speed of light and gravity measurement.
  • Part III takes the exploration process further, using the computer as a tool to investigate credit card and email security, digital photography, arithmetic by computers and the modeling of population dynamics.
  • Part IV concludes the exploration with details of a wide range of interesting numbers and number sequences, coupled with a little of the history for some of those that are regarded as being of greatest importance.
  • Part V provides number of "mathematical extras" together with a selection of suggested books to read, web sites to explore and software to use.
  • Collectively these five Parts offer a brief, but wide-ranging introduction to many areas of mathematics, physics and modern computing science. In the process and without recourse to “higher mathematics” it introduces readers to the history of mathematics, algebra, number theory, finite and infinite series, trigonometry, calculus, statistics and a fair sprinkling of computational mathematics.
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Bundle pack - standard version special PDF of all four titles (GAv6,SA,TNZ,UM): GBP £49.95 (ex VAT)
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