Publications - The Winchelsea Press and Drumlin Security

For many years we have used the Drumlin offline security system to publish a number of our own books in secure PDF format, and have also used the PDFs to create print versions of these publications. More recently several publications have been moved to an XML-based editing platform that enables output to be generated in a variety of formats: print-ready PDFs, PDFs for electronic publishing via the Drumlin DRM solutions or via the Kindle Creator app from Amazon, or in MOBI format for Amazon Kindle, or in HTML help format for web-based usage, or as ePUB files. In our experience the PDF/Print and web-based formats work best followed by MOBI and then by ePUB. This reflects the suitability of different approaches (or multiple approaches) for the display and use of formatted information, images, non-standard characters, larger pages etc. and the associated issues of permissioning and distribution. The list below shows the main publications we have been involved with in this context, and the formats used

Selected Publications list

  • Geospatial Analysis - A comprehensive Guide (5th edition, 2015, 6th editon pending, 2018). Dr M J de Smith: Formats: Print (paperback, hardback in mono and color); secure PDF (Drumlin drmz file); Kindle (old format/KF8); Web - full content available without charge via the website:
  • Statistical Analysis - Handbook of Statistics (continuously updated). Dr M J de Smith: Formats: secure PDF (Drumlin drmz file); Web - full content available without charge via the website:
  • Understanding Mathematics in the Digital Age (2018). Dr M J de Smith: Formats: Print (paperback and hardback in mono); secure PDF (Drumlin drmz file); Kindle Fire (new format, MOBI)
  • Winchelsea: A Port of Stranded Pride. Malcolm Pratt (2011 edition): Formats: Print (paperback); secure PDF (Drumlin drmz file);
  • Winchelsea: The Tale of a Medieval Town (2011 edition). Malcolm Pratt: Formats: Print (paperback); secure PDF (Drumlin drmz file);
  • Proceedings of the GIS Research UK (GISRUK) 18th Annual Conference (University College London), 2010, ed. Dr M Haklay et al: Format: Printed book

The attraction of publishing in PDF format is that no file conversions are required and thus no loss of layout and formatting will result. For books that have little or no formatting, i.e. no frames, multiple columns, in-line graphics or pictures etc., then another/additional solution to consider is to use the ePUB and Kindle formats, delivering content to a wide audience who may use pocket ereader devices. This is not appropriate for books which have any amount of formatting, especially as converters from PDF to ePUB format produce very poor or useless results - extensive and costly manually re-formatting an editing can improve this, but is far from ideal. However, using the Drumlin approach the PDF format is retained and the books are simply encrypted, with the range of security features you require (e.g. no printing, no copying to another computer, expiry date etc.) and are then made available on your own ecommerce system for purchase by your customers. This avoids the need to use a third party, with all the restictions and loss of revenues this implies, as the only e-distribution channel. Using Drumlin's DRMZ format you can be your own ebook publisher, retaining all your sales income. The customer simply downloads a Javelin reader and the eBook or eBooks they have purchased, with cross platform (PC, Mac, iPAD, iPhone, Android) usage.

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