Our Drumlin Publisher software enables you to convert your PDF files to our secure strongly encrypted format, with the permission settings you require. Files are converted locally, so the source PDFs never leave your site, only reference data is stored on our central Digital Rights Management (DRM) service. You can then distribute/sell the secured file(s) via emails, web download links or on physical media to your end users/customers/employees and our Digital Rights Management (DRM) service will check that the user is allowed to view that document via a system of authorization codes or licenses

To download the free Drumlin Publisher software (illustrated below) please use the link shown. Note that a current version of Microsoft Windows or a Windows emulator (e.g. using Parallels for Mac computers) is a pre-requisite for the the software below (required in order to create secured PDFs and managing their usage, but not required for reading them - use Javelin for the end user reader in most instances). Please see the usage details and PRIVACY statement on the About page before using these software products. Please see here for Documentation (PDFs) - includes User Guides for all versions of Javelin and Drumlin-related software. Please see here for Video demonstrations (MP4 videos) of using Javelin readers and DrumlinPublisher software - most videos are not the latest version of software but a useful guide anyway.

Please see the Javelin downloads page for Javelin PDF reader software downloads

Operating SystemDownload LinksVersionNotes
Windows 7,8,10,11DrumlinPublisher1.0.115For 256-bit encrypted file generation (plus creation of codes, licenses and tracking)