Release Notes - 2017 onward

Drumlin/DrumlinPublisher, AdminApp and Javelin (Windows and Mac software) News and Updates. The latest versions of the free Javelin PDF readers and DrumlinPublisher software can be downloaded from the main Downloads page: . Please see below for details of the latest updates. Javelin readers for Android and iOS operating systems are not covered here. The latest versions are always provided for these on the AppStores

Javelin3 and Javelin3Pro for Windows - (16th August 2019)

  • Support for Ctrl+C, Home, End, and revised support for PgUp/PgDn keyboard operations

Javelin3 for Mac OSX 10.10 and later - Aug 7th 2019

  • Warning message added if printing 100+ pages in case this was not intended (as per Javelin3 for Windows)
  • Minor update to on-print watermarking (size, positioning and transparency)
  • Use of "U" in text of watermarks amended so it displays as U and not %U field

DrumlinPublisher v065 (Jan 18th 2019)

  • selectable and resettable authcode expiry dates - see updated documentation on the Documentation page for details
  • sort order of documents defaults to most recent first now (all columns are sortable up and down)
  • 0 counter value no longer allowed in usage count field

Javelin3 and Javelin3Pro for Windows - (Jan 18th 2019), (30th Jan 2019), (8th May 2019)

  • provision of Web Authorization method for network restricted clients
  • 'pop-up' text boxes supported for interactive use - sample PDF document available for review
  • https support for catalog URL downloads (previously only http URLs were supported)
  • trimming of authorization codes where spaces have been included at start and/or end of the code
  • new File menu item "create backup" added - allows an opened file that might be located in an unknown folder (e.g. within the hidden "AppData" folder area) to be copied elsewhere on the PC, for backup purposes. Annotations linked to the file in question remain in the user's AppData folder but ma be separately copied if required
  • Extra printer support (3.01.08)

Javelin3 and Javelin3Pro for Windows - (Aug 19th, 21st, 23rd, Aug 28th, Dec 21st 2018)

  • Touchscreen gesture support for selected MS Windows devices (notably Surface Laptop and Surface Pro in laptop mode)
  • Revised branding facilities with additional options for bespoke branded versions
  • Keyboard + mouse support for zooming
  • Retention of user-selected page size and format settings between sessions
  • Support for spaces in catalog URL file specifications
  • Improved support for selected printers - Fiery/Konica-Minolta and Samsung (pre HP)

Javelin3 for Mac OSX 10.10 and later - June 15th 2018/Aug 20th 2018/Feb 19th 2019/May 8th 2019

  • Major update with build now supporting OSX 10.10 onward
  • Catalogs now now supported for OSX 10.12.4 onward (for pre-10.12.4 the catalog menu item is not displayed)
  • Several minor updates to security, printing and help messages
  • Minor update to on-screen watermarking; fix to authorization process if user attempt to print a non-printable document (May 8th 2019)

Javelin3 and Javelin3Pro for Windows - February 16th 2019 ( March 8th 2018)

  • Catalog support added - see new Javelin3 for Windows User Guide and the new Catalog guide on the Documentation page (select via the HELP menu) for full details
  • Printing enhancements: auto-page rotation for mixed format files (size and orientation); warning when opting to print all pages for large files (>100 pages); minor amendments to user interface
  • Improved search field on main toolbar
  • Amended drop-down zoom field and marquee zoom selector - minor bug fixes
  • Improved annotation icon and note field operation
  • Minor changes to activity logging
  • 077 version includes support for Ctrl+F for actioning text search, removal of the drop down facility in the top toolbar - the lower toolbar already includes this facility)

Javelin3 for Mac OSX 10.12.4 and later - September 15th 2017

  • Minor update to display of watermarks on printed output for 2-line angled watermarks

Javelin3 and Javelin3Pro for Windows - May 15th 2017/ June 6th 2017/July 13th 2017/September 8/12/14 2017 / November 20th 2017

  • Presentation mode added
  • Additional printer variants added (v, v3.0.0.47, v3.0.0.51 )
  • Improved accuracy in print watermark positioning (v, v3.0.0.49)
  • Remote Desktop (RDP) support enhanced (v
  • Logging improvements and clarification of the Remove Authorization function (v

Javelin3 for Mac OSX 10.12.4 and later - May 12th 2017

  • New release of Javelin for Mac, for OSX 10.12.4 and later only
  • Functional changes: Markup and Annotations elements re-implemented as Apple library versions no longer work and changes to Apple's library are not documented

DrumlinPublisher v058, April 18th 2017/ v060 November 20th 2017

  • Major enhancements to DrumlinPublisher to provide command line operation - see updated documentation on the Documentation page for details
  • Minor changes to the Codes tab to handle resizing of the application (v060)

Javelin3 and Javelin3Pro for Windows - March 1st 2017, March 20th 2017

  • Improved offline registration options, with new web-based manual registration facility
  • Fixed problem with drmx file handling - or later required for this fix

DrumlinPublisher v054, February 3rd 2017

  • Major enhancements to DrumlinPublisher to provide new Personalization tab - see updated documentation on the Documentation page for details
  • New watermarking elements - %1, %2 and %3 and %| (vertical bar) - the former are for personalization, the vertical bar is to insert a new line in a watermark

Javelin3 and Javelin3Pro for Windows - February 3rd 2017

  • New toolbar icons for markup and annotations
  • Tooltips for annotations added, plus automatic removal of null/empty annoations
  • Support for Mac addresses when deviceID unavailable in Pro version
  • Added robustness and error trapping
  • Support for new %| (vertical bar) field in screen and print watermarking - this enables two line watermarks

Javelin3 and Javelin3Pro for Windows - January 19th 2017 (updated Jan 24th 2017)

  • New support for line feed in watermarks for Javelin3/Javelin3Pro: %| (vertical bar)
  • Fix for issues when offline registering and no discernable internet connection present
  • Support for standard Adobe-style PDFs with Open Password security

Javelin for Mac release - Jan 10th 2017 (DMG file - not on AppStore - use for Sierra OSX 10.12) - 1.01.05 version released 25th Feb 2017

  • OSX 10.12 support with backward compatibility for earlier OSX versions - note that this version includes improved print and watermark handling, revised text searching, and no thumbnails (Outlines are supported)

Javelin3 and Javelin3Pro for Windows, Drumlin Publisher 1.046 - December 2016

  • Javelin3 and Javelin3Pro for Windows fully released (versions
  • The Javelin3 and .022 updates and Javelin3Pro release includes: status bar at foot of screen, drmx support (only drmz files were supported until this release), enhanced license file date expiry support, enhanced on-screen and on-print intelligent watermarking, improved screen capture control, support for new dynamic watermarking fields for Pro edition: %n - firstname; %l - last name and %e - email address. Currently %u for Javelin3Pro will display all of these as a single string for compatibility with non-Pro editions.
  • 3.0.024 and 025 release includes additional printer support plus Universal Time synchronization for date/time variables
  • DrumlinPublisher 1.046 release includes specification of the color and opacity of fonts used for synamic watermarking. These are already supported by current releases of Javelin for Windows and for Mac