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PDF Publishing Service: Drumlin provides a fully integrated secure PDF distribution system for publishers, academics, market research companies, professional organisations, finance houses, legal firms, advertising agencies, governmental bodies and almost any organisation with private or valuable documents to distribute. In addition to providing the Drumlin and Javelin software and DRM service solutions, we also offer a web-based PDF distribution service using an online reader delivered within an encrypted framework.

The Drumlin reader/publisher is provided without charge. It can read PDF and encrypted PDF files with DRM protection, the latter being specially secured versions of PDF files. To create an encrypted PDF file the user runs the Drumlin program, selects File|Publish from the menu, and picks the PDF file they wish to use. With the Fully secured option the program creates a new file with the same name in the same directory but with the additional extension .DRMX or .DRMZ - this is a securely locked version of a PDF file.

PDF development services: Drumlin Security can provide a range of development services for PDF files - for example, integrating secure PDF reading support directly into your own applications. Pleaseemail usfor more details

Turnkey Managed PDF Publishing Service: We can providing a fullymanaged service, where you supply us with your PDF file together with the price you want to sell it at, a description and cover image (or a ready created web page promoting your publication). We then add the details of how to order the publication (download version) and the e-commerce facility to accept payment. When a customer orders your publication we supply the authorization code directly to them, so there is no need for you to obtain and distribute the codes. Payment of your royalties are made monthly in arrears. A simple contract provides the terms and conditions for this arrangement. Please note: you will be responsible for the promotion of your publication; you must confirm that you are the owner of the copyright to the publication you wish us to handle on your behalf.

Tailored/corporate services: The Drumlin central DRM facility and the Drumlin Reader/Publisher software incorporate many additional facilities not described in detail elsewhere. These include: the ability to operate a private (user-group specific) service based on designated private servers (Enterprise edition); central storage of encrypted documents; secure (doubly encrypted) distribution of centrally stored documents; user-specific document authorization; usage tracking and analysis; an administrative client, for managing files and users; reporting (from the SQLServer database); Drumlin client software tailoring (e.g. functionality and/or white labelling). Please see theTailoring pageoremail usfor more details