Subscription-based PDF Publishing


Many organizations publish daily, weekly or monthly newsletters or newspapers on a subscription basis, whilst others do so for market, financial and technical reports. Often subscriptions are for 12 months and distribution of the material has been as a standard PDF. The problem with this approach is that substantial revenues are lost because the PDFs are shared, both within target organizations and with other indviduals who are not subscribers. They may even be sold on, without the publisher's permission or knowledge. If this issue is known to be extremely rare or the publications have little or no value, it is not a major worry.... but if the problem grows, or has significant financial or privacy and copyright impacts, action is required.

A solution that is being used today by several of our customers involves creating a secure version of their source PDF using our free DrumlinPublisher software. The publication is then emailed to their subscribers or made available for download, and their own customers can read them immediately (offline) using one of our Javelin PDF readers, but then cannot copy the content or forward them to other parties as readable publications.

How does this work? After sending out the first issue to a customer together with an initial authorization code, simply create subsequent secured PDF issues from the same source PDF filename and our system will assign it the same unique identifier as the initial copy. Your customer can then open the new issue/version without requiring a new authorization process, even if you rename the file to reflect the current issue date/number, and you can continue this until you enter a new subscription period. For more details and advice on implementing a subscription service (offline and/or online) please contact us.

Case study: Marshall Islands Journal

"Drumlin Security's Javelin PDF reader has given a boost to our newspaper subscriptions. For over 10 years, we emailed out regular pdf versions of the weekly Marshall Islands Journal. Over that period, we heard more and more people were sharing the Journal Online with friends, with no revenue coming to us. Drumlin's Javelin PDF reader has solved that: People simply can't forward the Journal on … so more people have subscribed."

"Plus, we love the people at Drumlin Security because Customer Service is fabulous. We are in the middle of the Pacific, they are 12 hours away in England… no worries … we have often communicated in their evening and our morning. Well done Drumlin people! We are enjoying our partnership with you."

Giff Johnson, Editor, Marshall Islands Journal

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