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Authorization codesI get a message "Authorization code already used"You will need to provide details of your order and authorization code to the publisher, with an explanation of why you need the code reset and they can reset the code for you if they are happy to do this. This problem usually arises for one of the following reasons: (a) you have a new computer/device and need a code for this new device or as a result of a re-installed operating system on an existing device; (b) you used the remove authorization option or deleted the file and its associated data by mistake and need the code re-enabled; (c) you did not download and save your drmz or drmx file to a permanent location (e.g. your Documents folder) before opening it with Javelin for Windows or Javelin for Mac - you will need to have your code reset and to make sure you download and save the file to a LOCAL drive (not a network drive) BEFORE opening it
Authorization codesI get a message "Authorization code expired"You will need to provide details of your order and authorization code to the publisher, with an explanation of why you need the expiry date reset and they can reset the code expiry date for you if they are happy to do this. This problem usually arises because the code in question was issued 3+ years ago and had an expiry date set for that duration - expiry dates on codes are separate from document expiry
Communication problemsI get a message like "Internet connection not available/blocked" or "Empty response" or "Proxy authentication required"Check that you can access the internet and have a good connection - a good direct or WiFi link is best, or a mobile link of at least G3/H++ or G4 - poorer G2 and G3 links will almost certainly not work. If you have a good connection, check you can access the following link: https://www.drumlinsecurity.co.uk/Service.asmx; if you cannot connect to this page and cannot register Javelin or authorize the document, ask your IT department to enable messages to/from this web address on your Proxy server/Network gateway OR use a tablet or portable device (e.g. a laptop) to authorize the file offsite (e.g. at home) or via an open WiFi point - once a device is authorized it does not require authorization again so you can take the device into the office, on an aircraft etc. without needing an internet connection. Note that it is the device that is authorized to view the file - the file itself is never altered. Javelin3 for Windows can get around such problems using the WEB AUTHORIZATION facilities built-into the software, so that is worth a try. Javelin3Pro for Windows can get around such problems using the WEB REGISTRATION and WEB AUTHORIZATION facilities built-into the software or if all else fails, license files, which you would need to ask us about. Another option with Javelin3 or Javelin3pro for Windows is to use the File menu, Proxy settings option (this "may" work if you have access blocked by a commonly used Proxy server but it will depend on the server in question and it may well be that it is a firewall that is stopping access). If you are still stuck contact us for help, providing as much detail as possible about the file, the code used and the problem!
Registration problemsUsing Javelin3Pro for Windows, but it will not let me register via the automatic facilityPlease run Javelin3Pro, select the Tools menu, Registration option and try pressing the WEB REGISTRATION button, and this should enable you to register automatically via a web page. If you cannot press the WEB REGISTRATION button try pressing the UN-REGISTER button first and then re-enter your registration details and use the WEB REGISTRATION button. If you still cannot register please let us know via the EMAIL REGISTRATION button and we will register you manually. Once registered, please try opening the drmz file you were provided with and entering the authorization code you were sent by the publisher. If this results in an error message (e.g. your network prevents access) please check the answer in the previous item above (try sing the WEB AUTHORIZATION option) and if necessary, let us know what the problem seems to be, including the authorization code you were provided with, so we can resolve this for you.
PrintingMy document will not print/My document has problems printing/Two-sided printing does not work/It used to print pages, but no longer allows itNote: Printing is only supported from PC and Mac devices, not mobiles/phones (iOS and Android devices). If your document will not print it is most likely that it is set to not permit printing. If it does appear to be printable but will still not print then it may be one of several reasons: (i) if you try to print to a device that is not accepted by the software it will either issue a warning message or tell you that it does not recognize that particular printer. If it is the latter, try printing again and then select the File menu, Log file option, and email us your log file having first checked all the notes and suggestions in this topic; (ii) if you are printing to a device (e.g. a network printer) that is not set to start printing as soon as it receives pages, then the printer may fail because pages are sent as print images and are therefore large, like photos. For this reason solutions include: (i) if you print the file in blocks, e.g. of 50 pages or less, then it is far less likely to crash your printer (this is a printer memory issue); (ii) ensure the printer is set to start printing as soon as the first page is sent to it, i.e. not to store the pages and then print them, so that its memory is emptied as it is filled; (iii) print at 300dpi if possible - this will use less memory - Javelin3 and Javelin3Pro for Windows (current versions) both have facilities for adjusting the print settings used via the Tools menu; (iv) try printing to a different printer, ideally one locally connected that you can control directly - printing to WiFi connected printers and "software services" like MyPrint, Papercut and Cloud printing will typically not work. Note also: Two-sided (double-sided) printing and similar specialized print formats are not supported by Javelin readers; page ranges are defined as the PDF page numbers, not the on-page numbers shown on some documents that may start on page 10 (for example) of the PDF file. Finally, if you could print a document in the past, but no longer, it may be because the number of of permitted page printouts has been exceeded - in that case contact the publisher for assistance
Visual ImpairementCan this type of secure PDF be made available for blind people?The brief answer is "no", but text-to-speech does work with Javelin3 on all platforms. Text to speech is a function provided by the target device operating system, and is best used with text selection where possible. Our Webdoxx web-based services can provide a wider range of support for people with visual impairment
"Screen Capture" Warning message"... process is running. Please close this program/application" messageOn MS Windows this message appears if the publisher has specified "Disable screen capture" when generating the file AND the end user has a screen capture program running at the time the document is viewed. There are two solutions for the end user: (i) follow the on-screen instructions to close the related program and/or background process identified in the on-screen message (e.g. using the Windows Task Manager to select and end a process, or on macOS by selecting the screen capture program mentioned and exit-ing it; or (ii) ask the publisher for a copy of the secured file without this option set. The current Mac versions of Javelin3 also detects background screen capture programs. If the user closes the named or associated screen capture program Javelin3 will spring into life. If a Mac user is not sure where that is located/cannot see it, then they can either run the Mac app called Activity Monitor and identify and force quit that program, or they can simultaneously press the [CMD] + [ALT] + [ESC] keys ("[ALT]" is called "[OPTION]" on some Mac keyboards) and a mini version of the Activity monitor will be displayed, from which they can close the capture program. If all else fails, try re-booting thee Mac as in some cases the background app is not visible and does not go away once started! Apple have a help page on this topic here: Apple Mac help
Windows display is fuzzyMy screen display is fuzzySelect the Windows Settings facility, Display option, and ensure that your text scaling is set to 100% (Recommended). Using non-standard scaling may cause the display to appear fuzzy. Other options are: (i) make sure that if you are using an LCD display that the option for text smoothing is selected (this tends to be automatic with Windows 10+); (ii) using the page size selectors (e.g. fit width) or slider zoom facilities in Javelin3 to zoom in to pages; (iii) try viewing the file on a different device if you still have problems, e.g. a Mac, an Android device or iOS tablet.
macOS/OSXWhat version of Javelin should I use on my Mac?For newer versions of macOS, you should be running the latest version of Javelin3 for Mac, which you can download for free from our Javelin Downloads page. Javelinm, which is the old version of Javelin for Mac, will not run on macOS 10.15 or later, so will issue a message to that affect. Javelinm is designed for macOS 10.6 to 10.9 and most Mac devices no longer run these versions of macOS. More details and a HELP facility for Mac users is provided on the Javelin downloads page
Javelin3 for Mac closesJavelin3 for Mac closes almost immediately after starting itIf the Mac has a terminal session running then Javelin3 will close, as a security measure. The solution is simply to close the terminal session on the Mac and it will allow Javelin3 to run. See also, the : Apple Terminal User Guide page on this issue.
Linux/UnixCan I run Javelin on my Linux box?Linux/Unix - there is no native reader for Unix variants, but Javelin for Windows and Javelin3 for Windows can be run via a Windows or Android virtualization package, if available. For more details please see here