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Travel Guides, Maps and Map-related reference publications are highly valuable assets. It is important they cannot be copied, plagiarised or fall into the wrong hands. It is also great if they can be made available to customers in highly portable electronic format - for iPADs and iPhones, Android tablets and mobile phones. We can deal with this requirement in an extremely simple and effective manner. Our cost-effective solutions involve protecting your PDFs by converting them to our highly secure format. This only takes a second or two and can be carried out by yourselves or by us on your behalf using our free Drumlin PDF reader/publisher software. This makes sure the files are protected against copying, printing, use beyond specified dates etc. The secured files can then be made available for distribution via web download, email, Dropbox, USB drive or any convenient means. Customers simply use our free Javelin reader for the device they own (e.g. PC, Mac, iPAD/iPhone or Android) to view the document once they have authorized it for that device. Authorization is carried out by entry of a code, specific to that document and checked on our DRM server to ensure just that customer can use it.

Example travel/mapping-related applications currently in use by our customers are shown below - click on an image to see it enlarged

To view the files on a PC, Mac, iPAD, iPhone or Android device customers use our Javelin PDF Reader, which is free and available for all these four main IT platforms. Access to the secured PDFs requires input of an authorization code, which is checked on our Digital Rights Management (DRM) server. This prevents copying or onward distribution of your PDFs or re-use of the code provided by third parties.

Our Drumlin software enables secured PDFs to be created automatically, with a full set of security facilities applied - not simply strong encryption of the documents, but also date expiry, user-specific watermarking of any printout permitted, prevention of various forms of copying and similar controls.

  • Usage restrictions may be applied to these files - no printing, or perhaps "print once with user-specific watermarking", no copying of text etc., expires after 6 months etc.
  • Customers are issued with authorization codes, one for each document, so their access to the files and their usage can be tracked centrally
  • Reports on usage can be generated, tailored to customer's requirements, via our DRM service.

For more details pleaseemail uswith your requirements