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Javelin Secure PDF readers - Overview

Javelin PDF readers provide all the core functionality needed for viewing standard PDF files. These fast, small-footprint PDF readers support internal and external hyperlinks (explicitly defined), contents/navigation trees, a range of page display formats, watermarking, print functionality, plus document text searching, bookmarking, annotation and markup. The readers are free, high security applications. By this is meant that the PDF readers do not permit any form of risky embedded content, e.g. javascript, plug-ins, actions on-open etc., and they all support the Drumlin DRM security framework. For a discussion of PDF vulnerabilities and security of many widely used PDF readers (excluding Javelin readers), see further the PDF Insecurity website and published papers.

Drumlin DRM encrypted PDF files (.drmz and .drmx) are protected against content copying and onwards distribution. They may also have restrictions applied such as whether printing is permitted and whether they expire at some point and can no longer be viewed.

Javelin readers are platform- and operating system version-specific - this optimizes the performance and security of each reader. Windows and Mac reader versions are signed apps that can be downloaded from our website, whilst the Android and iOS/iPadOS apps are downloaded and installed from either Google Play or the Apple App Store as appropriate.

Details of each reader are provided in separate articles - see list below.

Javelin3/Javelin3Pro for Windows 8+
Javelin for Windows 7+
Javelin3 for Apple macOS 13+
Javelin for Apple macOS 10-12
Javelin3 for Android 9+
Javelin for Apple iOS/iPadOS
Javelin for other platforms