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Javelin secure PDF Reader for iOS/iPadOS

Javelin PDF Reader is a free Apple iOS/iPadOS program that provides facilities for viewing standard PDF files, and for viewing encrypted (secure) versions of PDF files in formats (.drmz, .drmx) created for use with the Drumlin Digital Rights Management (DRM) service. As with other Javelin secure PDF readers, a full range of functionality is included, with full support of downloadable and built-in catalogs.

Topics Details
Documentation User guide as PDF
Kits Available free from the Apple App Store
Versions Javelin (no registration required)
PDF File types PDF, DRMZ, DRMX
File sizes All, 1,000+ pages, up to 100MBs but <64Mb recommended for faster downloads and better app behavior on older mobile devices
Page sizes All - A4/US Letter or smaller recommended for ease of viewing
Security Password to open (PDF); DRM protected encrypted files (authorization options: codes); no Javascript or embedded or attached files permitted
Zooming Gesture and double-tap based (max 5x)
Page formats Single page, dual page, vertical scrolling, horizontal scrolling
Display modes Standard (Normal) and Dark mode
Outlines Yes (multi-level), via CONTENTS icon
Bookmarks Yes, user definable and displayed on multi-page layout option
Thumbnails Yes
Hyperlinks Internal and external links (must be explicitly defined in PDF)
Text search Yes, fast free text search with highlighted hits
Highlighting Yes, highlight rectangular areas
Annotations Yes, text boxes
Built-in downloader Yes, for PDF, DRMZ, DRMX files and downloadable xml and zipped xml catalogs
Catalog handling Yes, built-in and downloadable xml and zipped xml catalogs
Screen capture protection No
Accessibility Zooming
Page rotation By device rotation
Watermarking Static and dynamic watermarking support (single and multi-line text); screen and print variants
Page selection scrolling, thumbnail selection, contents navigation, up/down (page view history)
Printing No
Forms No
Touch screens Yes, as standard (gestures and double-tap)
Automation Deep URL handling for automated app invocation and document display/authorization (bespoke)
Branding No
Languages No, system messages in local language
Usage tracking Event tracking for secured files
Logged data Yes, host-based log data
PDF Library Apple iOS/iPadOS PDF library
License Freeware, General license conditions
Signing authority Apple App Store approved app