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Javelin3 and Javelin3Pro secure PDF readers for Windows

Javelin3 and JavelinPro PDF Readers are free MS Windows programs that provide facilities for viewing standard PDF files, and for viewing encrypted (secure) versions of PDF files in formats (.drmz, .drmx) created for use with the Drumlin Digital Rights Management (DRM) service. Current versions support all recent MS Windows versions from 8.1 onward. Most end users should chose the standard Javelin3 reader, unless the Javelin3Pro version is required by the document publisher or corporate IT Department. Javelin3Pro users must register their software, and may be provided with a license file for secure file authorization rather than an authorization code.

Although Javelin3 for Windows is a very fast, small footprint and highly secure PDF reader, it does not aim to replace generic PDF readers like Adobe Acrobat Reader and Foxit PDF Reader, except of course, where extra security and the small footprint of the applications is important. Javelin3 for Windows does not provide multi-window or tabbed document display, but multiple instances can be run to display different documents.

Javelin3 readers for Windows are installed using an installation script based on InnoSetup. Each version is issued with a unique version-specific setup exe. The setup program and the readers are signed apps. Silent installation is possible, e.g. for corporates, as described below:

The Setup program accepts optional command line parameters.:

/SP- Disables the This will install... Do you wish to continue? prompt at the beginning of Setup

/SILENT, /VERYSILENT Instructs Setup to be silent or very silent. When Setup is silent the wizard and the background window are not displayed but the installation progress window is. When a setup is very silent this installation progress window is not displayed. Everything else is normal so for example error messages during installation are displayed and the startup prompt is (if you haven't disabled it with DisableStartupPrompt or the '/SP-' command line option explained above)

Topics Details
Documentation User guide as PDF
Kits Signed setup exe files; 13Mb kit, 30Mb installed
Help pages Javelin3 Installation help, Javelin3Pro registration help
Versions Javelin3 (no registration required, built-in catalogs); Javelin3Pro (registration required, optional license-based authorization, no built-in catalogs)
PDF File types PDF, DRMZ, DRMX
File sizes All, 10,000+ pages, up to 100MBs
Page sizes All - A4/US Letter or smaller recommended for ease of viewing
Security Password to open (PDF) not supported, standard PDF encrypted content restrictions ignored; DRM protected encrypted files (authorization options: codes, license files, pre-authorized); no Javascript or embedded or attached files permitted
Zooming Sliding zoom, fixed zoom %ages, fit page, fit width, fit height, actual size, marquee zoom, ctrl+mouse-scroll-wheel zoom (Actual size page mode only)
Page formats Single page, vertical scrolling, horizontal scrolling, multi-page (tiles)
Display modes Standard, Presentation
Outlines Yes (multi-level), auto-open (default, selectable)
Bookmarks Yes, user defined
Thumbnails Not separate - use tiled/multi-page format if required
Hyperlinks Internal and external links (must be explicitly defined in PDF)
Text search Yes, fast free text search with highlighted hits
Highlighting Yes, selectable color (proprietary storage format external to source file)
Annotations Yes, text boxes and arrows (proprietary storage format external to source file)
Built-in downloader Yes, for PDF, DRMZ, DRMX files, plus Catalog format xml and zipped xml
Catalog handling Yes, format xml and zipped xml
Screen capture protection Optional for secured PDFs: standard and commercial capture programs
Accessibility Zooming; Text-to-Speech (TTS) by page or selected text (right mouse click to access pop-up menu)
Keyboard shortcuts Yes: listed on menus
Page rotation Yes, left and right
Watermarking Static and dynamic overlay watermarking support (single and multi-line text); screen and print variants
Page selection Select page, next, previous, last, up/down (page view history)
Page amendment Insert PDF file of pages, Extract pages, Delete pages
Printing Page-by-page secure printing (single-sided); selectable resolution and scaling
Forms Yes, support for a variety of field types
Touch screens Yes, Microsoft Surface devices
Automation Command line support for file opening
Branding White label and bespoke branding options
Languages English only at present; system-generated messages in local language
Usage tracking Event tracking for secured files
Logged data Yes, local and host-based log data
PDF Library Google PDFIUM
License Freeware, General license conditions
Signing authority GlobalSign EV signed app (Virustotal validated virus-free kits)