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Webdoxx ePUB Viewer

The Webdoxx ePUB Viewer is a fast, high quality pure-HTML5 viewer for ePUB format documents. It supports a wide range of functionality, as described below, and can be tailored to meet client requirements. Typically the watermarking is an overlay on the display window (viewable area) and can include a variety of dynamic data fields (e.g. date/time, IPAddress of the user, name of user, static text etc.). An example ePUB file displayed in this way can be viewed via the link below:

Sample Alice in Wonderland ePUB document

    Web-based ePUB Viewer
Topics Details
Documentation ePUB Guidance Page
ePUB File types EPUB versions 2 and 3
Source File sizes any
Page sizes All - A4/US Letter or smaller recommended for ease of viewing
Security Standard settings (all are optional): no copying, no printing, no selecting, no downloading (source ePUB not retained)
Zooming +/- zoom, font zoom (smaller, larger)
Page formats Single page or 2-page ('spread format')
Outlines Yes (multi-level), select to open (default) or auto-open (selectable)
Bookmarks No
Hyperlinks Internal and external links
Text search Yes, fast free text search with highlighted hits
Highlighting Yes, selectable color with browser plugins (e.g. Weava)
Annotations Yes, text boxes with browser plugins (e.g. Weava). Existing annotations in source PDF are retained in converted filesets
Media support Yes, via hyperlinked media files
Catalog handling Yes, standard web-page based for access to selected files
Screen capture protection No, not possible for web-based products (from any providers) - use static and dynamic watermarking for screenshot protection
Accessibility Zooming; Text-to-Speech (TTS) by page or selected text (may require plugin to browser depending on platform and browser)
Page rotation No
Watermarking Static and dynamic watermarking support
Page selection Select page, first, next, previous, last, up/down (page view history via browser facility)
Printing Not permitted (standard setting, can be enabled)
Touch screens Yes, depending on browser facilities on target device
Automation Static conversion of single files; batch conversion available on webdoxx managed services
Branding White label and bespoke branding options, including iframe access support to hosted services
Languages English, Japanese; system-generated messages in local language
Usage tracking Event tracking (detailed for 'private' files with secured access controls)
Logged data Yes, host-based log data
Library Vivliostyle
License GNU Affero General Public License, version 3